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The Who (mock article)

April 28th, 2008 · Comments Off on The Who (mock article)

June 20th, 1969

I know the what; I know the where; and I know the why; but does anybody know The Who?

Last night I witnessed a concert of epic proportions. Blaring electric guitar riffs with a pumping backbeat set the stage for one of the greatest performances The Miami Vice has ever seen. It was mind-blowing, sensational, and sensual all rolled into one concert; it was rock’n’roll magic personified.

The Who’s lineup for the evening included the hits, “My Generation”, “Pinball Wizard”, and “See Me Feel Me”. They were played with the vivacity that has become expected of this phenomenal quartet.

Moon energetically thumped his instrument in the background creating a unique sound that melded the typical drum set with a primal intensity creating a formidable sound. Entwistle scanned the crowd nonchalantly as he dexterously picked through the chords on his bass throughout the entirety of the performance. Daltrey’s flowing golden locks swung energetically back and forth as his voice pounded out in a melodic scream. Townshend though took the show with his fierce guitar manipulations and over the top showmanship, which included leaps into the air and a gut-wrenching guitar smash finale.

 On the surface, The Who are the typical rock’n’roll band, yet their riveting presence and daunting musical ability sets them apart form the rest. They exemplify the direction that the genre is leading by incorporating both performance and talent into every show. The aura surrounding the fundamental sound produced by these rock legends has taken the industry into a new level of complexity and spunk that will soon become a world-wide trend. Be on the lookout. They came out strong and ended even stronger with a splitting guitar crash by Townshend and a roaring rip of the drum set as Moon stuck his foot through the bass.  After experiencing such a mindblowing performance, it is safe to say that we will never completely know The Who, but does it really matter in light of the what, the where, and the why?  

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