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Liverpool-the anthem of our class

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As everyone may or may not know, Dr.Campbell is leaving Mary Washington after this school year.

This really came as a blow to many. Most, if not all students involved with the english department know that Doctor C is perhaps one of the more inspiring instructors around. His ability to bring others to reflect critically on material and bridge reality and the experience to the works of artists is unparalleled. One individual in particular confided in me that he or she was in tears upon recieving the news. For this is individual, Dr.Campbell was almost a father figure, and someone admired deeply.

As for myself, the news shatters a lot of my conceptions about my education here. Dr.Campbell was my academic advisor and instructor for my freshman seminar. I planned on taking his intro to literary studies course next semester, and looked foward to many helpful, yet rigorous lessons in writing, reading, and life. I saw Dr.Campbell as someone to help guide me through the confusion of college, and someone to aspire to.

A lot of people, have expressed their grief about his departure, some have been furious, some even attempted at finding rationalization of it, trying to understand what Mary Washington did wrong. But maybe it wasn’t Mary Washington that did anyone wrong. after all, did we graduate from our high schools because they betrayed us?

I feel as though I understand, in some degree, Dr.Campbell’s decision to leave. It’s a feeling that everyone gets from time to time, and it doesn’t need reasoning, although it can accompany it. It’s just that gut feeling that means it’s time to move on. We all probably felt at sometime throughout our education. the feeling that something has been seen and done, and that more things await.

As for the rest of us, I take it almost as a point of reflection. Dr.Campbell has taught us all many lessons about initiative and accomplishment. It reminds me of many stories of coming of age where something similar happens: Gandalf falls, Dumbledore dies, Splinter is kidnapped, Dad goes off to war. All of these stories had the powerful and wise sage disappear, only to leave the adolescent characters to fend for themselves. Maybe its just a cliche archetype or maybe its more. Maybe this an opportunity for us to take the lessons Dr.Campbell’s lessons and apply them. the assignment of the week point of our lives is over. It’s time to start shaping our dreams into realities.

I for one know the direction i wish to head. as the last few entries acknowledged, times of change are here. I feel like now more than ever I have a sense of what i am doing and why i am doing it. I don’t have an exact plan, but i have a moivation and drive, and thats more important than anything.

I’m gonna make the album Dr.C…just you wait…..=)

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