Rock/Soul/Prog, Spring 2008


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This semester has been one of comfort. I for one came back after the winter break and felt right back at home. But there are a few things that have changed, and these changes have been pretty drastic. Soon construction on campus will be complete and new facilities on campus will be available. Our new president has veen selected, and soon enough she will take office and introduce a slew of changes. many faculty members are leaving, moving on to bigger and better things. And, as always, the seniors are departing, entering the real world.

It is hard to find criticism of the school and it’s practices. nearly everything, from dining, to housing and occassionally even academics falls under scrutiny. but what I think people fail to realise is that this our opportunity. With the campus in the state of metamorphisis that is, we are a major factor in the sculpting of the image of the school. to continue to whie and complain without offering any alternative or any action, one just reinforced the negativity and doesn’t bring about anything worthwhile.

this I think, speaks to one of the themes of the class. Dr.C has continuously motivated us to go out and take initative and to take the reigns of our own projects. This situation is exactly that. there is no blueprint for what campus should be. In short, it can be whatever we make it.This our chacne to recreate our campus into a place that reflects and respects our beings in a way that we can truly take pride in our surroundings. this is our opportunity to “make the damn album” and quite honestly I feel its something that needs to be attempted.

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