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These are a bunch of blog entries that I wrote in MS Word that I never got around to posting.

Originally written on April 7, 2008

I’ve been going through other people’s playlists lately via iTunes, and I’ve come to discover that many people have complete albums on their playlists.  This intrigues me a bit, because then I wonder if they listen to and enjoy every single song on every album they have.  Or do they skip over the songs they don’t like as they shuffle through their playlist?  As for me, when I acquire a new album, I listen to the whole album, noting in my head what sounds good and what doesn’t.  And I’ll leave it playing in the background for awhile after that, the constant exposure causing me to enjoy songs that I otherwise would have passed over on the first listen.  And if there are songs on the album that still don’t really resonate with my tastes, I usually leave them out of my playlist.  Which leaves my master playlist looking like a bunch of incomplete albums.  But at least I know that I’ll never run into a song that I’ll want to skip while listening to my songs.

Originally written on April 16, 2008

John Mayer.  So good.  I’ve been listening to some of his stuff through my friend’s iPod and John Mayer’s songs are amazing, both lyrically and musically.  He uses strange chord progressions that take you off guard but they really work and resolve nicely.  One song that sticks out above the rest is a song called “No Such Thing”, which is an upbeat song about breaking out of conformity and expectations and such.  Not a new topic for a song, but the execution is just so good.  Another song “Bigger Than My Body” is another uplifting kind of song that I can’t really put to words so just go listen to them, if you haven’t already.  John Mayer is pretty popular nowadays, so I’m sure you’ve at least heard his music offhand, maybe on the radio or TV.

Originally written on April 26, 2008

For those of you that play guitar, guitar tabs are everywhere.  There are numerous sites offering free guitar tabs by ordinary people and you would be hard pressed to not be able to find tabs on a song.  But for those who play the bass guitar, such as I, it can sometimes be frustrating to find that there are no bass tabs on certain songs.  And there will always be at least three guitar tabs even when there are no bass tabs.  I encountered such a situation recently, and I decided not to take no for answer.  I decided to write my own tabs.  The song was “Raised by Wolves” by the band Voxtrot, who is not yet very well known, but is gaining some prominence among music magazines.  It has a somewhat prominent bass line which made the tabbing process easy in some parts, but when the bass line became nearly invisible among the other instruments, it took many listenings to figure out what was being played.  Anyways, hours later (I will spare you the process), I finished the tab and sent it to, which is the site I usually use for tabs.  You can find the tab if you search “Raised by Wolves” from the front page search bar, although it may not be on there yet since I submitted it very recently.  Take a listen to the song as well – <- a live version.

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