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Rapper’s Delight

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So I’m editing songs right now…. Last night, I edited “Rapper’s Delight” by the Sugar Hill Gang. I laughed….for the entire seven minutes. So I was pretty excited about the rest of them, and then I got to the Tupac song which was chosen by which was the most popular on iTunes…”How Do You Want It” I felt like I should’ve washed my ears out with soap after. Sometimes I feel like cussing is just completely unnecessary. When used appropriately, it can add extra meaning, but when used excessively it just makes me cringe. So I found the only thirty seconds of the song without cursing and used it.

Lauryn Hill’s song also kind of disappointed me. It wasn’t as soul-like as I’d like to have heard, I think her voice is better and a different song could’ve been chosen, however, I don’t know her repertoire very well, so I just left it.

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