Rock/Soul/Prog, Spring 2008


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We have had to do presentations lately for Rock/Soul/Prog. and the first presentation that my partner, Cat, and myself have done was the song “Waterloo Sunset” by the Kinks. I argued that the song was a rock song, albeit it was a rather weak argument. While Cat argued that the song was a progressive song. We had made a movie about the history of the band, the movie was in all actuality just a very well timed power point, but made with Window’s Movie Maker. Cat did most of that, seeing as I was away for part of it, I had helped come up with the images, and some of the information.

I feel as though we did a nice job of the presentation, even though there were some that were definitely better than ours, we were very determined to do our best. We will do better on our next presentation…that I am convinced of.

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