Rock/Soul/Prog, Spring 2008

Battle of the Bands…no weapons involved

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This past friday night, University of Mary Washington’s Great Hall was shaking to the sounds of 9 different bands.  I heard anything from what sounded like the screaming of birds to the total domination style of metal rock (quite an experience). Sadly, there wasn’t a big crowd for the show, but I actually think that made me enjoy it even more. There was enough commotion going on with everyone trying to shuffle back and forth from stage to stage. Everyone seemed to be in anticipation to find out how the next band would get their feet moving and head’s nodding.

As part of the staff on GIANT (the club that provides most of the entertainment for the Mary Wash commuity), I was able to meet and greet with the bands. They seemed just as normal as the rest of us who walk up and down on Campus Walk, but after seeing them perform..I gained a new level respect for them. Each band’s performance was creative and distinct. The winner of the competition, Junk Science, could easily be the next Dave Matthew’s Band. Because they won, they will be playing on Devil-Goat Day…..this Thursday, April 24th on Ball Circle.  I recommend you come and see this band perform….you won’t regret it.

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