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Liverpool-the anthem of our class

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As everyone may or may not know, Dr.Campbell is leaving Mary Washington after this school year.

This really came as a blow to many. Most, if not all students involved with the english department know that Doctor C is perhaps one of the more inspiring instructors around. His ability to bring others to reflect critically on material and bridge reality and the experience to the works of artists is unparalleled. One individual in particular confided in me that he or she was in tears upon recieving the news. For this is individual, Dr.Campbell was almost a father figure, and someone admired deeply.

As for myself, the news shatters a lot of my conceptions about my education here. Dr.Campbell was my academic advisor and instructor for my freshman seminar. I planned on taking his intro to literary studies course next semester, and looked foward to many helpful, yet rigorous lessons in writing, reading, and life. I saw Dr.Campbell as someone to help guide me through the confusion of college, and someone to aspire to.

A lot of people, have expressed their grief about his departure, some have been furious, some even attempted at finding rationalization of it, trying to understand what Mary Washington did wrong. But maybe it wasn’t Mary Washington that did anyone wrong. after all, did we graduate from our high schools because they betrayed us?

I feel as though I understand, in some degree, Dr.Campbell’s decision to leave. It’s a feeling that everyone gets from time to time, and it doesn’t need reasoning, although it can accompany it. It’s just that gut feeling that means it’s time to move on. We all probably felt at sometime throughout our education. the feeling that something has been seen and done, and that more things await.

As for the rest of us, I take it almost as a point of reflection. Dr.Campbell has taught us all many lessons about initiative and accomplishment. It reminds me of many stories of coming of age where something similar happens: Gandalf falls, Dumbledore dies, Splinter is kidnapped, Dad goes off to war. All of these stories had the powerful and wise sage disappear, only to leave the adolescent characters to fend for themselves. Maybe its just a cliche archetype or maybe its more. Maybe this an opportunity for us to take the lessons Dr.Campbell’s lessons and apply them. the assignment of the week point of our lives is over. It’s time to start shaping our dreams into realities.

I for one know the direction i wish to head. as the last few entries acknowledged, times of change are here. I feel like now more than ever I have a sense of what i am doing and why i am doing it. I don’t have an exact plan, but i have a moivation and drive, and thats more important than anything.

I’m gonna make the album Dr.C…just you wait…..=)

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This semester has been one of comfort. I for one came back after the winter break and felt right back at home. But there are a few things that have changed, and these changes have been pretty drastic. Soon construction on campus will be complete and new facilities on campus will be available. Our new president has veen selected, and soon enough she will take office and introduce a slew of changes. many faculty members are leaving, moving on to bigger and better things. And, as always, the seniors are departing, entering the real world.

It is hard to find criticism of the school and it’s practices. nearly everything, from dining, to housing and occassionally even academics falls under scrutiny. but what I think people fail to realise is that this our opportunity. With the campus in the state of metamorphisis that is, we are a major factor in the sculpting of the image of the school. to continue to whie and complain without offering any alternative or any action, one just reinforced the negativity and doesn’t bring about anything worthwhile.

this I think, speaks to one of the themes of the class. Dr.C has continuously motivated us to go out and take initative and to take the reigns of our own projects. This situation is exactly that. there is no blueprint for what campus should be. In short, it can be whatever we make it.This our chacne to recreate our campus into a place that reflects and respects our beings in a way that we can truly take pride in our surroundings. this is our opportunity to “make the damn album” and quite honestly I feel its something that needs to be attempted.

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watching the dream fade

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So i have finished this rigorous semester, and among many hard learned lessons I can say this much for sure: I am not going to major in physics, nor will I even venture to try.

This sounds like something basic that I should have learned some time ago, but no. I once dreamed of being a physicist. I longed to make long and accurate calculations about life and to be able to understand the various occurences of existence. with the realization of how dry calculus is, and how dificult it is to understand physics to that level, I must let the dream of being an erudite scientist, with know-how about nearly everything.

It makes me wonder about others, and their dreams(or fantasys rather). I feel like the point where the dream meets reality is always an underwhelming one. For instance, I feel like Ringo Starr has these same sort of feelings in his song liverpool. The dream of the 60’s was one that was meant to last forever. But they didn’t. maybe in some ways that is cession to miller, but also I think it’s true. Even now, as I plan to become a professor of either philosophy or english, I am forced to consider that the life I know dream of and plan is never going to be. Even, within this semester, I am forced to realize the plans of having certain professors in my senior year are impossible.

These dreams, that are doomed to never manifest, are what we are told to hold on to. are we holding on to lies? Are we forever reaching for the unreachable? Is this what we are fated, dissappointment?

But what else do we have?

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So come and skate with me…

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Hey everyone,
As the class comes to an end, I feel like I owe, to some degree, an explanation. Personally, and I say this only because I feel like there was something I meant to get across that didn’t quite make it’s way across the bridge.

What I want to get across to everyone is why Lupe Fiasco means so much to me.

If you are actually reading this after that last line, I thank you for not riding this off as “I’m going to swoon over Lupe Fiasco for a blog post”. Lupe Fiasco holds a lot of personal meaning to me, especially with the song “Kick Push”. I felt like, although I knew what it was that I wanted to say, I didn’t adequately convey it during my presentation.

Throughout my Life, growing in an area as diverse as Northern Virginia, I was always around many different groups of people. The friends I made as a child were of all different backgrounds. Because of this, I was influenced by many things, Not just my own culture, and as a result, I didn’t become the typical african american male. I was always fine with this, until one day someone slapped a nasty label on me “white”. It became obvious to me now that there were certain things that just weren’t acceptable in the black community, and “betraying your roots” was one of them.

From that point on, Life became a struggle of balancing identities. there was a part of me that liked all the popular music on BET, I mean, that stuff sounds cool and makes you want to move. But, I liked art; expression was something that I liked. The rappers in the media might make a lot of money, but at the end of the day, what did it all mean? and it didn’t end with music, clothes, sports, language…the antagonism never really ended.

But the worse part of it all, was that it never seemed enough. I could do talk one way and dress the same way, but at my core, I was still a nerd! Video games were always cool. Science fiction movies, couldn’t get enough. Even, dare I say it, school! Learning about things, thinking deeply about the world, that was (the borrow a Lupeism) my cool. but it wasn’t neccessarily a black one.

what made things even more complicated was maintaining the dichotomy. Carrying a binder full of school supplies and a copy of the Hobbit while wearing was baggy jeans and timberlands was just not something you saw a lot. and vice versa, although more tolerant, playing Diablo II and listening to Nas made some eyes bug out. But by far, the worse was in class. surrounded by the prep school preteens, in the classrooms for the enriched, with girls who flipped hair and lifted noses before looking me in the eye, and ignorant guys who always asked me if I was “thuggin’ it” or “keepin’ it real”, but nobody who I could really call a friend, middle school was rough. I spent a decent amount of time just questioning everything. I was in advanced classes, scoring high on tests, but ranked with the most uninteresting people around. I spent a lot of time just trying to find somewhere to be, somewhere that would just be fine with what I was, and all that I was.

It wasn’t for a while that I found others who were in my position, and sometimes it wasn’t the same situation, but parallel ones. It took a long time, and there were a lot of hard falls( identity issues make dating a nightmare for anybody who doesn’t know). but one day, I just realized it all. It didn’t really have one culminating moment, it just came about overtime. It didn’t really make sense, but nothing did. It didn’t make sense that people gave themselves up to be cool. it didn’t make sense that no matter what happened in somebody’s eyes I wasn’t cool. but what did matter, at the end of it all, was that I thought I was cool. because at the end of the day, that was the only one i had to live with.

and so I became me, the poet, video game player, philosophizing, fantasy lovin’ me. I became vocal when I wanted to, hung out with whoever I wanted. I listened to what I wanted to, wore what I liked, played the games I thought were interesting. I still met opposition, from those militant few who just couldnt handle something that didn’t understand,and i still do, but I pressed on “Just a rebel in the world with no place to go.”

by no means do I think my scenario is special. This is something that a lot of people face. This is the interpretation I draw from Kick Push. just like skateboarders, people who don’t fit into society’s categories are met with hostiliy. Simply put they are just looking for a place to be. This why I love Kick Push so much. It, to me, is the anthem of the individual, the one who is willing to go against the grain, and be themselves.

Sorry to ramble, just had to let my feelings known.

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Just a Quick Question

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Is Desmond cheating on Molly?

I ask this for two reasons:

1) I want to see how many people get the reference.

2) I want to see if other people are interpreting the same way I am.

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Lupe Fiasco

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Lupe Fiasco was born as Wasalu Muhammad Jaco on February 17, 1982 in Chicago, Illinois. He was raised by a family with diverse background as the fifth child of nine, with an engineer, a prolific African Drummer, and a karate sensei as a father and a gourmet cook as mother. In the eighth grade He began to try his hand at rapping, despite his discontent with the vulgarity of mainstream Hip-Hop. At age 19, Lupe began to perform with a group known as “Da Pak”, and began his underground career. Throughout his career, Lupe has been with many record Labels Including Epic, Arista, and Atlantic; his current and final label however is 1st & 15th. Lupe has released two Albums, Food & Liquor and The Cool, and has released countless mixtapes in the underground rapping circuit.
When a rapper first hit single is about skateboarding, one can only expect big, revolutionary things to come. Lupe Fiasco’s “Kick, Push”, a song about a young skate boarder rejected by society and, as the song states, “just a rebel looking for a place to be”. Lupe wowed his audiences once again with “Daydreamin’” featuring Jill Scott, another song with an unusual prospect (this time around a giant robot with hedonistic parties happening on his body). These songs are a few of the reasons why Lupe Fiasco is considered to be the Hip-Hop generation’s next Vanguard. His lyrical abilities, intricate use of interpretative metaphor, socially conscious themes, and Mass appeal have attracted music lovers from all walks of life, creeds, and genres. Lupe himself is heavily influenced by anime/otaku culture, skateboarding, Islam, video games and comic books. His self-definition, ability to free himself from the stereotypes of rappers, “nerds”, and African Americans is what makes him the voice of not only a generation but of a culture.
The buzz generated at Miami Vice when Lupe Fiasco was first rumored to be making an appearance was grand. People of all different backgrounds came together to listen to a truly original artist. The first song Lupe played was his first single from “The Cool”, “Superstar”. The song did a great job of getting everybody in the audience energized a ready for an exciting show. From there he went into a very touching performance of “Hip-Hop saved my Life” with Sarah Greene. The crowd swayed back and forth as Lupe delivered a tale of a struggling man, using Hip-Hop’s mass appeal to put food on his child’s plate and deliver his family out of poverty. Lupe ended the night with the classic track, “Kick, Push”. The Audience went into a loud cry of ecstacy as the violin opening began. A song that on face value was about a skateboarder looking for a place was, on that night, an anthem for everyone in the audience. It was not merely the story of a adolescent on a skateboard, it was the tale of anyone who ever felt they just needed a place to be themselves.

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2pac rest in peace

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Tupac Amaru Shakur was born on June 16 1971 in East Harlem. As a teenager he attended the Baltimore School of the Arts, where he gained an appreciation for the arts of all genres. He became popular amongst his classmates for his sense of humor, rapping skills, and ability to relate to different groups of people. Tupac began his musical career with Digital Underground and would later break from the group to create his first Album, 2pacalypse Now, with Death Row Records. His affiliations with Death Row would lead him to the infamous clash with Bad Boy records that ultimately lead to his demise. On September 7 1996, Tupac Shakur was shot in a drive by manner, and passed away on the September 13th.
Tupac is often criticized for his violent and graphic lyrics, along with his suggestive themes of drugs, sex, and gang activity. These criticisms often depict him in a way that never reveals his musical and artistic talent. Tupac’s music is true music. The violence that his lyrics entail aren’t fabrications made for money, but art meant to express the desperation and hopeless feeling of those living in the inner city. Tupac’s wrote his music for the people who live in poverty; the revolution he sparks is one to liberate those who cannot liberate themselves. The side of Tupac that often goes untold is the one shown by songs like “Keep Ya head up”, “Better Dayz”, and “Life Goes on”, that preach messages of perseverance, peace, and Love for fellow human beings. . Those who claim that his blatant vulgarity is unnecessary are only indicative of the Thing Tupac wished to end: the ignorance as to the reality of those living in poverty in the United States.
As Tupac came out on to the stage of Miami Vice, the crowd roared and began to dance and sway to the rhythm of “I Get Around”, one of the first hits from when Tupac’s ties with Digital Underground where strong. The song is probably one of the candidates for the anthem of the nineties. Filled with lyrical tricks that still sound clever even after years of radio play. As the night progressed Tupac slowed the night down with “Bury Me a G”, a track with a sampled melody from the Isley brothers “Livin’ for the Love of You”. The crowd grew silent, and began sway back and forth with the beat. It was as though everyone in the Audience was thinking the same thing. It was a warm August, a month later and Tupac would be in the ER fighting for his life. The Tensions between Bad Boy and Death Row had been worse than ever before. Everyone knew it; I’d Be willing to bet they also knew that the face of their revolution was living his last days. I bet they were all listening. Taking notes from the lyrics, as to give him his respectful burial when he died. It was as though Tupac rapped his will and testament that night. It haunted the room with its resounding words “Even when I die, they won’t worry me, Mama don’t cry, Bury Me a G.”

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Such Great Heights

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This weekend I discovered that one of my favorite songs from an “indie” band has multiple covers from many different bands. The song is (as the title alludes) “Such Great Heights” by The Postal Service. The first cover I heard was from a band that is still gaining popularity called “The Wrong Trousers”. I heard of this band from a friend who actually knew the band before they even became recognized by the musical community at all. Another group, known as “Iron and Wine” produced a cover of the song for the movie garden state. It was interesting to see how the bands went about the same initial concept. The song is about the ideals of love and how love can seem so divine and fated when in fact one is indeed just upon a great height, waiting to fall to the ground and realize reality. The version made by “The Wrong Trousers” had a genuine raw feel to it that captured the emotion more purely and was a much lessed processed product. The “Iron and Wine” rendition took a less happy tone towards the topic and had a very slow tempo of the sadness that will ensue from the illusion. This aspect of art-the interpretation of a single concept in multiple ways- is something I that the idea of covers in rock and roll takes to new levels.
This particular concept of Musical translation (into other arts and other musics) is something that I have often thought of, especially in high school, when I began to experiment with performance poetry. Slam poetry, one of the more popular forms of poetry today, has often drawn in hip hop artists and vice versa. The connection between the two art forms in undeniable, and is also one that I believe is often lost. For example, before Kanye West released “All Falls Down”, he debuted it on Def Poetry. Lupe Fiasco began both Food and Liquor and The Cool with his sister, Iesha Jaco delivering slam poetry. the more one delves into the deep lyrical focus of non-mainstream hip hop, the blurrier the line grows between Slam and rap. The difficulty I ran into here was the definition of myself as an artist, did I want to be a rapper or did I want to be a poet?
One of the things that post-modern philosophy as helped to teach me is that these sorts of questions are what deny creative and artistic affirmation it’s full potential. Now looking back on the days of my youth and the quetsions I face artistically, I realized that the attempts to define and articulate my artistic existence were essentially trying to force myself into tight little spaces and to limit myself. Artistically, this is suicide. the goal of the artist is, in my opinion, transcedence. Maybe not spiritual transcedenceor enlightenment, but definately the ascending of ideas and emotions. It is an artist job to take the intangible and reincarnate it. In each incarnation, not only a new life is created, but new planes of existence and sentiment are realized. The goal of the artist should always be to surpass the limits of the ordinary experience, and that will always be a never ending frontier. As what was yesterday’s revolution becomes today’s institution, I feel that it’s important that artist’s realize that every experience they have is in one way or another a reincarnation of themselves. As a wise friend of mine once said “measuring things often destroys their inherent perfection or beauty.overanalyzing, measuring, quantifying, and defining destroys part of the very thing we’re trying to comprehend.” I feel that this theory while paralyzing to the sciences is something that all artist should never forget. My hope is that, as I begin to enter the poetry community of Mary Washington, I am able to spread this message, inspiring others to seek such affirmation and cultivation of the self.

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Last Class

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So, I feel like tonight we witnessed full-scale how working as a team can  turn out for the best. Our sing-along, though a tad pitiful and basically carried by Gardner (You’ve graduated to Gardner now, Dr. Campbell.)  (I just got to the part where someone (I bet it’s Ringo) is playing a kazoo…haha…in the Christmas Records CD.)  Anyway, I just wanted to say that, through all the struggles and complaints and whining, this class really did impact me. I feel like I’m a lot more open-minded and curious as well as conscious not only when I’m listening to music, but just in general. I also know I’m going to be listening to a lot more Beach Boys, Robert Johnson, etc. And I fully plan on spending some of my reading time this summer reading about Andy  Warhol and his Factory as well as many of the other things we’ve read about in this class. I’m really sad to hear that Gardner won’t be returning next year. I was hoping to take a class with him, in fact, I was telling my mom a few weeks ago about how I really wanted to take more classes with Gardner. So I guess I won’t have that opportunity, but I’m really glad I had the chance and the pleasure to experience your teaching. I don’t know if it’s ever really mentioned, but there was definitely some sort of impact. Maybe I’ll be able to put my finger on it in the future, when I’m not as close to it.

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Sugarhill Gang (mock article)

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November 7, 1979

“I said a hip hop the hippie the hippie, to the hip hip hop, a you dont stop, the rock it to the bang bang boogie, say up jumped the boogie, to the rhythm of the boogie, the beat”.

 These opening lines to the Sugar Hill Gang’s smash hit Rapper’s Delight blared out at me from the back of the Miami Vice this past Friday. The controlled yet rapidly paced sound bumped out of the vibrating speakers as Wonder Mike, Master Gee, and Big Bang Hank, melodically took their turns and spit their rhymes to the gyrating crowd in front of them.  

Now I will admit that last night marked my first rap concert ever, and to say the least I was blown away. I’m used to roaring guitar riffs and melismatic soul, but this new beat-based music completely took me by surprise.

Last month the self-titled album The Sugar Hill Gang was released and marked the advent of a completely new genre of music called hip hop. This music style involves isolating backbeats from distinct percussion breaks and overlapping it with a vocal style called rap. The purpose of the music was to make you want to dance, and boy did it do its job. The club was filled with bodies bopping to the beat, toes tapping, and crowds clapping.

Some of the first hits of the that were played included “Sugarhill Groove”, “Passion Play”, and “Here I Am”, but none of these got the crowd as pumped as when the notorious:

 Bum clapBum clap

A BUMABUM bum bum bum BABUM

Baba bum  

boomed through the stereo indicating the advent of Rapper’s Delight. This song highlighted each of the MC’s talent as they individually showcased their rapping skill. Wonder Mike started the song off right with a fast-paced muddle of words that simply flowed and cascaded one over top of the other. Next came Big Bang Hank wooing all of the ladies with his slightly gravelly voice and charismatic sway and snap. Lastly Master Gee coolly took the mike and resonantly spit out his rapid wordplay without breaking a sweat. Not once did any of these cardigan-sporting rhymers seem out of breath as they gyrated to the music and speedily knocked the crowd out of their seats 

Though not as guttural as rock’n’roll or as melodic as soul, this new form of music definitely grabs you by the waist and the ears. It magnetizes bodies until they’re up and dancing, and it definitely is enjoyable to listen to as well. The Sugar Hill Gang has introduced this beat centered form of music and I have a feeling that it will be here to stay a long while. Be prepared for hip hop fever!

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The Who (mock article)

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June 20th, 1969

I know the what; I know the where; and I know the why; but does anybody know The Who?

Last night I witnessed a concert of epic proportions. Blaring electric guitar riffs with a pumping backbeat set the stage for one of the greatest performances The Miami Vice has ever seen. It was mind-blowing, sensational, and sensual all rolled into one concert; it was rock’n’roll magic personified.

The Who’s lineup for the evening included the hits, “My Generation”, “Pinball Wizard”, and “See Me Feel Me”. They were played with the vivacity that has become expected of this phenomenal quartet.

Moon energetically thumped his instrument in the background creating a unique sound that melded the typical drum set with a primal intensity creating a formidable sound. Entwistle scanned the crowd nonchalantly as he dexterously picked through the chords on his bass throughout the entirety of the performance. Daltrey’s flowing golden locks swung energetically back and forth as his voice pounded out in a melodic scream. Townshend though took the show with his fierce guitar manipulations and over the top showmanship, which included leaps into the air and a gut-wrenching guitar smash finale.

 On the surface, The Who are the typical rock’n’roll band, yet their riveting presence and daunting musical ability sets them apart form the rest. They exemplify the direction that the genre is leading by incorporating both performance and talent into every show. The aura surrounding the fundamental sound produced by these rock legends has taken the industry into a new level of complexity and spunk that will soon become a world-wide trend. Be on the lookout. They came out strong and ended even stronger with a splitting guitar crash by Townshend and a roaring rip of the drum set as Moon stuck his foot through the bass.  After experiencing such a mindblowing performance, it is safe to say that we will never completely know The Who, but does it really matter in light of the what, the where, and the why?  

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three’s company

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These are a bunch of blog entries that I wrote in MS Word that I never got around to posting.

Originally written on April 7, 2008

I’ve been going through other people’s playlists lately via iTunes, and I’ve come to discover that many people have complete albums on their playlists.  This intrigues me a bit, because then I wonder if they listen to and enjoy every single song on every album they have.  Or do they skip over the songs they don’t like as they shuffle through their playlist?  As for me, when I acquire a new album, I listen to the whole album, noting in my head what sounds good and what doesn’t.  And I’ll leave it playing in the background for awhile after that, the constant exposure causing me to enjoy songs that I otherwise would have passed over on the first listen.  And if there are songs on the album that still don’t really resonate with my tastes, I usually leave them out of my playlist.  Which leaves my master playlist looking like a bunch of incomplete albums.  But at least I know that I’ll never run into a song that I’ll want to skip while listening to my songs.

Originally written on April 16, 2008

John Mayer.  So good.  I’ve been listening to some of his stuff through my friend’s iPod and John Mayer’s songs are amazing, both lyrically and musically.  He uses strange chord progressions that take you off guard but they really work and resolve nicely.  One song that sticks out above the rest is a song called “No Such Thing”, which is an upbeat song about breaking out of conformity and expectations and such.  Not a new topic for a song, but the execution is just so good.  Another song “Bigger Than My Body” is another uplifting kind of song that I can’t really put to words so just go listen to them, if you haven’t already.  John Mayer is pretty popular nowadays, so I’m sure you’ve at least heard his music offhand, maybe on the radio or TV.

Originally written on April 26, 2008

For those of you that play guitar, guitar tabs are everywhere.  There are numerous sites offering free guitar tabs by ordinary people and you would be hard pressed to not be able to find tabs on a song.  But for those who play the bass guitar, such as I, it can sometimes be frustrating to find that there are no bass tabs on certain songs.  And there will always be at least three guitar tabs even when there are no bass tabs.  I encountered such a situation recently, and I decided not to take no for answer.  I decided to write my own tabs.  The song was “Raised by Wolves” by the band Voxtrot, who is not yet very well known, but is gaining some prominence among music magazines.  It has a somewhat prominent bass line which made the tabbing process easy in some parts, but when the bass line became nearly invisible among the other instruments, it took many listenings to figure out what was being played.  Anyways, hours later (I will spare you the process), I finished the tab and sent it to, which is the site I usually use for tabs.  You can find the tab if you search “Raised by Wolves” from the front page search bar, although it may not be on there yet since I submitted it very recently.  Take a listen to the song as well – <- a live version.

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Rapper’s Delight

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So I’m editing songs right now…. Last night, I edited “Rapper’s Delight” by the Sugar Hill Gang. I laughed….for the entire seven minutes. So I was pretty excited about the rest of them, and then I got to the Tupac song which was chosen by which was the most popular on iTunes…”How Do You Want It” I felt like I should’ve washed my ears out with soap after. Sometimes I feel like cussing is just completely unnecessary. When used appropriately, it can add extra meaning, but when used excessively it just makes me cringe. So I found the only thirty seconds of the song without cursing and used it.

Lauryn Hill’s song also kind of disappointed me. It wasn’t as soul-like as I’d like to have heard, I think her voice is better and a different song could’ve been chosen, however, I don’t know her repertoire very well, so I just left it.

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Finals and Packing

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….a very stressful time

but music and green tea can sure soothe my soul

soothe…there’s an aesthetic word

mary wash kids, good luck on finals!

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Last presentation. I’m excited -)

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U2- 1/29/1990

Politically charged, but with a mellow rocker sound and look, Dublin-based band U2 drew a crowd to the Miami Vice last night. Their return to Ireland to play in their hometown was poignant for the group, who came together in the mid 1970s as a group of high school boys eager to make music. These days, they are doing just that.

They came onstage to a packed house and to the cheers of thousands of fans who crammed themselves in to see this now world famous band. And the second that lead singer Bono stepped up to the microphone, the large white flag that has become his peace symbol in hand, they went wild for the once local boys. And as Dave Evans strummed a few chords on his guitar, the crowd began to settle a bit, some swaying and some singing along to the political, very emotional “Sunday, Bloody Sunday.”

Having completed both a tour titled “The War Tour” and one for the Live Aid concert, the band has established themselves as philanthropic, political, and very involved in world events. The crowd certainly saw this both in Bono’s charismatic performance of “Pride (In the Name of Love)” and in the band’s encouragement of the people of the city to become more aware of the world around them.

Something interesting about their performance was the very stark difference between song from their “War” and “The Unforgettable Fire” albums, and those from albums “The Joshua Tree” and “Rattle and Hum”. While the former two albums have a sound very similar to the rock band The Who, the latter two seem to delve more into American country and gospel music. “The Joshua Tree” includes such songs as “With or Without You” and “Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For”.

Such a diverse and long lasting sound is difficult to find in many bands these days, and U2 certainly has it all. It was a treat to hear Irish rockers back in Dublin, and we here at Miami Vice look forward to hearing them play again.

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Elvis Presley

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Elvis Presley- 6/15/1956

His hips roll and his knees shake. He croons and screams into his microphone on stage, and a hundred million teenage girls scream right back at him. This man inspires fainting fits and has been accused of everything under the sun by furious parents and preachers. Elvis Presley had everyone at The Miami Vice “All Shook Up”, if you’ll pardon the pun. There has been nothing like this in the history of music, and I doubt that anyone will rival this King of Rock and Roll.

Last night, when The King kicked off his first European tour at the Miami Vice, the club was packed in little more than five minute after the doors opened. Playing to an audience primarily of teens, Elvis kicked off the show with the “rockabilly” hit “Hound Dog”. As he wailed, the audience went crazy.

Presley, born and raised in Tulepo, Mississippi, grew up as a quiet mama’s boy, frequently picked on by his peers. He has certainly come a long way from that! Still, this king of rock cites his mother as one of the most influential people in his life. He also gives credit to the Assembly of God Church in Tulepo, for the gospel music that got him hooked.  However, you can also hear the influence of the classical and country music that he was listening to as he grew. He told fans, “I just loved music. Music period.” As any great artist should.

The way we here at the Miami Vice see it, Presley is on his way up in the world. His combination of unique vocals, mixed musical genres and straight sex appeal makes him absolutely irresistible (except maybe to those concerned parents)!

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Presentation #2

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Well, the second presentation, has come around. This time the song was one that I already knew something about, it was “Beat It” by Michael Jackson. This song was one that I had never really listened to although I had heard of it and of course, the current dealings with Michael Jackson. My first response to having “Beat It” as my presentation was let’s go and download the song now. While I was searching for the original version of the song I had stumbled across two other versions of the song a well.

I had found the 2008 version of the song which was Michael Jackson and Fergie singing “Beat It”. Then there was the Fall Out Boy and John Mayer version of the song, which sounds nothing like the original. Not only did I find interesting new songs, but cool new information about the original that I was not aware of. One piece of information was that Eddie Van Halen did the guitar solo in the original “Beat It” and he was not payed when he recorded it. Also right before Eddie Van Halen was about to begin his solo a janitor knocked on the door to the recording booth, say Van Halen inside and quickly shut the door. The mistake was noticed by both Jackson and Van Halen, but they decided to leave the mistake in the sing anyway.

I had more fun learing things about this song then I did about “Waterloo Sunset”. That is to say that it was something I was familiar with, not something that I had heard of once or twice.

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We have had to do presentations lately for Rock/Soul/Prog. and the first presentation that my partner, Cat, and myself have done was the song “Waterloo Sunset” by the Kinks. I argued that the song was a rock song, albeit it was a rather weak argument. While Cat argued that the song was a progressive song. We had made a movie about the history of the band, the movie was in all actuality just a very well timed power point, but made with Window’s Movie Maker. Cat did most of that, seeing as I was away for part of it, I had helped come up with the images, and some of the information.

I feel as though we did a nice job of the presentation, even though there were some that were definitely better than ours, we were very determined to do our best. We will do better on our next presentation…that I am convinced of.

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Honest Trash

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I would have to agree with Cohn’s opinion about the Rolling Stones being ‘honest trash.’ The easiest way to put that would be is that they do not present themselves to be anything other then trashy. Not by lyrics, but simply because of the clothing they wear, and how they allow themselves to be viewed by the public, in most cases drunk. This is not to say that the Stones are a bad influence but that their image is partly determined by the era they grew out of and into. They were also part of the British invasion, but had a very different look from the Beatles, the Kinks, and other groups that came over from the UK.

Being called Trash, as the Stones were, could either make or break a group’s reputation.

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