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I totally spaced.

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I just realized that I never posted my podcast interview that Terrell sent me a thousand years ago. It’s been saved on my computer forever, and I just found it again. I’d like to preface this by saying that I’m really happy that I was paired with Terrell because this was a bonding experience for us (not to sound corny) because it was the first time we talked, and we’ve been friends ever since. Close enough, even, so that I can attack him on campus walk -)

So, here’s my interview:

1. What’s your earliest memory of music?
The earliest memory I have is of my dad blaring 80s metal in our driveway. I remember being like 4 and singing a lot to Enter Sandman by Metallica in the back of my dad’s Mustang. He was astonished! [laughter]

2. Did you have a favorite song when you were growing up? What, and why? Do you still like that song?
Well. Uh, there isn’t really a particular song that was consistently my favorite throughout my childhood. But, I really liked Motley Crue’s album Dr. Feelgood at one point, after that I was obsessed with Elvis and then I went through a Beach Boys phase… There isn’t really anything I can think of that was consistent though.

3. What role does music play in your parents’ life?
My dad is obsessed with music! He buys at least an album a week and it’s never the same genre twice in a row. The majority of our bonding when I was little was him going “Hey, Magan, come listen to this” and playing a song for me. I think that it’s his way of escaping and enjoying his life. A three minute vacation, you know? My mom doesn’t really have a particular passion for music, but she is very into Christmas carols during the winter.

4. What was the first song or album you bought with your own money?
The first album I bought was Chuck Berry’s Greatest Hits in 4th grade at the House of Blues in New Orleans. I couldn’t tell you why, but I just wanted it. It’s still one of my favorite cds.

5. What was your first concert? Tell us about the experience?
My first concert was Motley Crue, also in fourth grade. It was so smoking that I could barely see the stage and, near the end, there was a riot on stage. I got to see Nikki Sixx punch a fan in the face while simultaneously playing a song. It was intense.

6. Who are your favorite bands and solo artists today? Why do you like them?
My favorite band right now is Flogging Molly. They’re so raw and intense and sad and strong. Plus, they have a lot of catchy hooks. I just really like listening to them because it’s almost a visceral experience, I guess.

7. Do you play a musical instrument–or instruments? What, and for how long? Do you sing?
I CAN NOT sing! [laughter] Animals dying sounds a bit better than my vocals. I played piano for a while, but got bored with it. I’m not very musical.

8. Have you ever been in a band? Tell us about it.
HAH. No.

9. How does it feel to take a college course in rock, soul, and progressive music? What do you hope to learn as a result?
It, uh, I don’t know… I don’t know if it feels like anything. I enjoy it because it’s a class about something fun. I want to learn about the historical context of bands, and what makes a genre a genre. I think. Yeah.

Well, there you go. Sorry it was so late.

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