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Robert Johnson

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A famous Mississippi blues musician, Robert Johnson performed at the Miami Vice club to an appreciative audience. Born in 1911, Johnson is said to have traded his soul to the devil for the ability to play anything he wanted on his guitar. In this particular performance, one might have a tough time arguing the falseness of this legend. One of the most influential artists of his time, Johnson’s work continues to be used my bands such as Cream and the Rolling Stones.

Opening with one of his most famous hits, “Crossroads,” which has influenced many artists, including Cream, Robert Johnson belted the blues like no other in accompaniment to a humble guitar strumming. The sound of his deep throaty voice struck across all chords among the audience as he let loose, “Hmmm… I went down to the crossroads…hmm.” Moving his body in steady rhythm to the music, closing his eyes as the music swept over him in deep emotion and increased passion. The show kept on a high note with other blues classics such as “Hellhound on my Trail.” The sinking notes and melisma while he was singing “Hellhound on my traa-ail, hhmm-mm,” made one think back to scenes of the south in the 1930s, the type of environment in which Robert would have been most at home. The poetry of the lyrics and pure voice sound of his performance of “Love in Vain,” was truly moving.

His performance consisted of a collection of well-crafted blues songs, sung with intense palpable emotion, all packed within a slow bluesy rhythm, completed with the strumming of the guitar. The show was a success, gathering an audience of many connoisseurs of fine southern, Delta blues music.

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