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Liverpool Lads Blow Audience Away

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My “article” on The Beatles

As Observed by Staff Writer Danielle Rosenberg
November 16th, 1962 

Fresh from Hamburg Saturday night, The Miami Vice received a treat in the form of a quartet of Liverpudlians. The Beatles, a band moving up in the world, played our humble club, filling it to capacity with teeny boppers and grooving youngsters. The recently acquired drummer Ringo Starr added an extra flair to the band whose single “Love Me Do”/”P.S. I Love You” has created quite a stir in England and is currently seated at number seventeen on the charts. Now, you may be asking yourself, “Why would The Beatles come play The Miami Vice?” Well, we don’t rightly know, but when they showed up at the door and asked to play a gig while visiting family in Ireland we were happy to oblige their request. The young lads played a rather entertaining set, featuring songs like “My Bonnie” which reached number five in the German Hit Parade as The Beatles’ first single, as well as Buddy Holly covers like “Crying, Waiting, Hoping” and a Chuck Berry classic “Roll Over Beethoven.”  The band claims both of these artists as primary influences and even cites Buddy Holly’s band The Crickets as the inspiration for their name, formerly The Silver Beetles but changed to The Beatles, per band member John Lennon’s suggestion.

The up-and-coming band has certainly stolen Britain’s heart and now seems to be working on that of the rest of the world. I daresay the adults, who were few and far between, enjoyed themselves as thoroughly as did the teenagers. Though young, the four men all are rather bright and interview very well. The silly senses of humor which all four possess keep things rather interesting. The four members are John Lennon, who plays harmonica, rhythm guitar, and sings, Paul McCartney, who plays bass guitar and sings also, George Harrison, lead guitarist and singer, and Ringo Starr or Richard Starkey, the drummer. The chemistry amongst the four is spectacular and one is tempted to sit back and let them entertain with their chit chatter and variously dispersed giggles. The show itself was punctuated by witty comments and chuckles. The way they present themselves is very appealing to the audience. When asked about their stage show, they tell the story of how a German fellow used to tell them, “You’ve got to make a show for the people,” and would repeat, “Mach shau, Mach shau,” until they eventually learned to “dance like gorillas” and “knock [their] heads together.”  The suits are explained as a way to not “appear as a gang of idiots” by Paul who said they felt their previously leather attire-which happened accidentally-looked ridiculous to the folks back home in Liverpool. The Beatles have certainly won a place in my heart and I hope to hear more of them in the future; they seem to be going places with their charming personalities and simple, poppy songs, or at the very least seem to be going places bigger than The Miami Vice!

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