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Interview with a Deadhead

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My father is the biggest Deadhead that I know and so I decided to interview him about his experiences with the band.

How many Grateful Dead concerts have you been to?

– 300+

What was your favorite concert and why?

– It was at Saratoga Springs, New York in June 1983. Why? It was simply good times. We [ fellow Deadheads and friends] had been to three or four other concerts on the way up to New York, but Saratoga was the climax of all of those adventures. It began to pour rain when we got there. At that point we felt like we could solve all of the problems in the world.

What’s your favorite Grateful Dead song?

– I can’t pick just one: Box of Rain, Mission in the Rain, and Ripple

What was the draw of the Grateful Dead?

– The music, the drugs, and the camraderie. They [the Grateful Dead] brought everyone together; the  music was like the vehicle used for a road trip. You visit all of these really cool places with some people you know and a lot more people who you’ve never seen before. Everyone’s riding the music (and I would guesss the drugs) that made it all possible.

Was Jerry Garcia the main attraction or was it the whole band?

-It was definitly the whole band, but Jerry was the band.

Are the offshoot Grateful Dead bands any good?

– Yes, but that’s because they’re basically comprised of spin offs from the original band. Its the same talent involved. For instance Phil and Friends has Phil Lesh. Dark Star Orchestra has the original sound board guy from the Grateful Dead, etc.

What does Grateful Dead mean/how did the band choose this name?

– it’s some book of the dead…use the internet and look it up for yourself.

[ well I did and Wikipedia says,” Some say that it was the Tibetan Book Of the Dead, but according to Phil Lesh, in his biography (pp. 62), “…Jer [Garcia] picked up an old Britannica World Language Dictionary…[and]…In that silvery elf-voice he said to me, ‘Hey, man, how about the Grateful Dead?’” The definition there was “the soul of a dead person, or his angel, showing gratitude to someone who, as an act of charity, arranged their burial.”]

Would you say that The Grateful Dead is the best band ever?


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