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The Taters

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The Taters are an old-school rock group, locals especially in the Ashland/ Richmond area. They’ve been together a decade or two and seem to be just getting better. I, rather recently, (1 1/2 years ago) became a fan of their style, talent and charisma, after my boyfriend (a longtime fan) introduced me to their music. The Taters are a bunch of geezers, at least 50 and their audience is about the same, pretty odd to be the only ones under 21 in such a venue.

The Taters play a broad repertoire that includes Bobby Darin, Elvis, Chuck Berry, Roy Orbison, the Beatles as well as tons of originals that are absolutely wonderful. The ‘band’ is really a mix bag of ‘guest players’ sometimes consisting of a fabulous guitar player, mandolin player, guest singers or even a steel pedal.

Really the show cannot be reviewed without a mention of their absolutely hilarious personalities. Those guys are some of the funniest people in the state, devoid of self-consciousness, they will say whatever and make fun of each other the entire show, in a jovial manner of course.

If you have an opportunity to go to a show, check them out!! They’re shows are usually under 10 bucks and it’s well worth the money to see these highly talented, down to earth guys!!!!

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