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Old Crow Medicine Show

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Old Crow Medicine Show is fantastic. They are a country/old time band from New York, and they are the only contemporary country band out there that has some mainstream popularity while still playing authentic country music. I’m sure there are hundreds of small-town, informal groups in Appalachia and the south playing some incredibly cool old-time music, but nobody ever hears it because that’s not what the average American wants to listen to. OCMS somehow bridges that gap and is popular (moderately, at least) while still being awesome. The chorus of their most popular song, “Wagon Wheel,” was written by Bob Dylan, and the verses were written later by OCMS. I think it was Willie Nelson who said that they are the only modern country music group to do country music right. Ketch Secor, founder of the group, said this about Nashville: ”This town is shitty. This town is everything that the mountain is not. This town is full of money. This town has no kinship. This town has no brotherly love. But this town is where we are, and we have never been in the wrong place.” Just an awesome group all around.   

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