Rock/Soul/Prog, Spring 2008


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This past Friday night I had a grand old time in my room creating sounds. As crazy as this may seem, I was hanging out with roughly six friends, when one of them pulled out a kazoo and began to break out into song. Soon an idea sparked, and my roommate opened up a drawer and took out a shaker( one of those plastic eggs filled with sand or something) and began to create a brand new beat in synch with the kazoos melody. It was all down hill from there. Soon there was another kazoo, a mini bongo, a guitar, a train whistle, a garage band piano and a tambourine. We were jamming!! We even switched things up a bit and decided to play a strictly  instrumental song and then add our individual instruments gradually to create an optimum collision of sound. It was a fantastic medley of noise and flow, and soon it all began to degenerate into a cacophony of laughter and hums. But before this point, one of my friends got the ingenuous idea to record the music to his computer to keep forever as a memento from that hilarious night. Once I can figure out how to upload the music, I’ll add it to this post

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