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Daniel’s back from his tour. So far, he’s told me he hated Brooklyn, loved Boston, and that he met people crazier than the crazy people we know here in Dead Fred. All in all, he summed up the tour as, “A great learning experience.” Hopefully, he’ll write it all down, and I (and you, dear readers) can get all the sordid details of the tour.

Basically, the hatred of Brooklyn stemmed from the venue having 20 people that didn’t come out for his type of music. I think it’s really unfortunate that the people that were there weren’t open to listening to something new. Sure, Daniel’s music is basically psychedelic noise, but, regardless of what your tastes are, you should be able to appreciate a new type of music that came from somewhere else. But whatever, I guess.

For about an hour, you may have walked past a bunch of dirtbags playing music. The loser playing the saw was Daniel! The music sounded so gooood and I danced and it was awesome.

So, I’m definitely in love with Sweet Soul Music. So far, it’s my favorite book. It could be because I have a love affair with soul to begin with, but I also think it’s a wonderfully written book. The thing that makes the book work for me is the importance of the visceral experience that comes with soul. Yes, Guralnick is kind of biased due to his unabashed love of soul, but I think that soul doesn’t need logical reporting. It’s all about emotion and lifting you up… That’s what the book should be too. So yeah, I’m completely on board.

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