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An Interview

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A long long time ago I interviewed Erin Lombard, a classmate (seminarmate?), and I figured that I should finally post that up.  I don’t have her words verbatim, but I will give a third person account of the notes I took of what she said.  Sounds accurate enough.

1. What’s your earliest memory of music? – For Erin. her earliest memory of music were the Christmas tunes her parents played in her home when she was younger.  Her parents apparently required the music to be played during Christmastime, probably because Christmas music isn’t appropriate during any other time, so they got their yearly fix during Christmas.  Also, Erin rocked out to children’s tunes on cassette, which probably included such classic hits as, “The Wheels on the Bus” and “Ring Around the Rosie”.

2. Did you have a favorite song when you were growing up? What, and why? Do you still like that song? – Erin’s favorite song while growing up was “Barbie Girl” by Aqua.  She knew all the words to the song and even liked Barbie dolls, which probably contributed to her liking of the song.  Nowadays, she thinks it was a tad overplayed in its heyday, but “Barbie Girl” has a special place in her heart.  And also probably in her iPod.

3. What role does music play in your parents’ life? – Her father played the saxophone in his younger days, and apparently he was very good at it too.  He was also into the music scene, which sounds a bit ambiguous but that’s what my notes say.  Both her parent’s listened to 70’s and 80’s music, favorites include Pink Floyd and Bruce Springsteen.

4. What was the first song or album you bought with your own money? – Erin’s hard earned money went into the album “Spice World” by the Spice Girls.  I asked Erin if she planned on attending one of their recent concerts, and she said it would be interesting, but she wasn’t looking into it.

5. What was your first concert? Tell us about the experience? – Her first concert was a Killers concert, which she attended fairly recently.  Her mom bought eight tickets, but she only took three other friends.  I think she mentioned something about the other tickets but my notes don’t recall anything.  Anyways, people were getting into the music, dancing and such.  She even witnessed a confrontation where one crazy concertgoer bumped another and they began to go at it.  Even their boyfriends got into the tussle and eventually the couples had to be separated, much like an elementary school playground fight.

6. Who are your favorite bands and solo artists today? Why do you like them? – The Police are one of her favorite bands, and she really likes the song “Every Breath You Take” for the lyrics, although I personally think the lyrics and a bit creepy and stalker-ish.  Erin also likes an artist named Anna Nalick and obviously, the Killers.  I have the word “Bones” written down but I’m not sure if that’s a band or a song.  Stupid notes.

7. Do you play a musical instrument–or instruments? What, and for how long? Do you sing? – Erin tried both the viola and the clarinet in grade school but did not stick with them.  She wanted to follow in the footsteps of the father and play the sax, but her band teacher recommend clarinet.  Like everyone else in the world, she wanted to learn to play the gee-tar and maybe start a band with her friends, but never got around to it.  As for singing, Erin enjoys singing in the shower, but sadly, outside of the shower, Erin neither shoo-bops nor even doo-wops.

8. Have you ever been in a band? Tell us about it. – She’s always wanted to be in a band, but without any abilities to play a musical instrument, she feels ill prepared to be in one.

9. How does it feel to take a college course in rock, soul, and progressive music? What do you hope to learn as a result? – Erin already enjoys listening to music, so she feels that taking a course on its history will make it that much more rewarding and enjoyable.  She wants to learn how music has evolved to what it is today and how things changed over time.  She also wants to be introduced to new genres and types of music and why modern music is considered inferior to music of the past.

I hope that gave you an insight on Erin Lombard and her relationship with music.

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