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The Best Rock Song, Ever

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I had had a rough day, my boyfriend of over a year and a half had broken up with me, it was my fault. I had done everything I could to push him away and belittle him until it seemed as if I cared nothing. But I did. So when he finally told me to leave, I was lost and after much inconsolable sobbing and such I managed to pull myself together for a bit. I needed to stop moping, to get out of my sad sop room and at least try to move on. So, I went to a place I was sure he would not be, Barnes and Noble (he always criticized the ‘hipsters’ at the Starbucks part reading Nietzsche and such). I could get lost in the books, stop moping, it was technically ‘public’ but nobody really messes with you- I would’ve gone to a library, alas it was night and closed.

Apparently I didn’t know him as well as I had thought, because I’d be damned but he was sitting right there, talking to one of his female friends. Shit. She looked good, clean, fresh. I had a marathon crying session so my eyes were like two fleshy meat cuts on my face, I had been wearing the same clothes for a few days and forgot that I had a bird’s nest of hair on my head, oops. In fact, I was surprised nobody escorted me out of the store, for I truly looked like a crazy bag lady. Because he was sitting in the cafe’ part, I went to the other side of the store, as far away from him (and incidentally the fiction book section where I had intended to go). At this part of the store was the music/ dvd section. Between heart palpitations of, holy shit I hope he doesn’t see me/ I hope he comes over; I glanced over the music, pretending to look.

He’s a musician, had opened me up to countless new artists and styles. He had made mixed Cd’s, tapes for my car, and he knew what he was talking about. He’s a veritable dictionary of music, all styles, he knows everything (except contemporary pop that is) anything from Death Metal, to Bluegrass, Buddy Holly and Roy Orbison to Tupac or Pink Floyd. So, inevitably every single artist brought me right back to snippets when we had talked, or all those insignificant moments that become your life.

I scoured the sections, wondering what could possibly make me forget for a moment that he had left me. I didn’t have all that much money, so I could really only afford one CD if even I was going to purchase one. I picked up the Yeah Yeah Yeahs ‘fever to tell’ yes I liked them, but… something was missing. I was going to buy a Muse CD, but then that was just his choice I remembered. And then I saw Bob Dylan. I had very limited knowledge of Dylan, just the bare minimum, had only heard a few songs. I picked through the limited selection, I had heard ‘Blonde on Blonde’ was good, there was ‘Planet Waves’ and a couple of greatest hits albums.

But when I saw the cover of ‘Highway 61 Revisited’ something clicked. Dylan sits there, he’s dour and quite the opposite from his second album, ‘Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan’. His world torn and just looks worn out, like he’s seen everything there is to see. Honestly, by then he probably had. He’d gone from folk hero to loved/ hated rocker in a mere two years. On this album there are some of the most lost, desolate and beautiful songs, ‘Queen Jane Approximately’ ‘Desolation Row’ ‘Tombstone Blues’ ‘Highway 61 Revisited’ oh, and a little song called ‘Like a Rolling Stone’.

It was this song that made me fall in love with Dylan. It’s probably his most popular and widely considered the best Rock Song of All time. I believe all that. However, to me, this song was what had happened to me. The anger and outright disgust when Dylan says ‘How Does it Feeeel?!- to be on your own” made me want to scream; I FEEL LIKE HELL! So I played the album over and over again. Because I felt like that bitch in the song, I was that careless, and now the shit had hit the fan, and I had no pride, I felt lost and alone, ‘like a complete unknown-like a rolling stone.’

And after days of living like a ghost, but still caring, I still did things for him; like I knew he always forgot to eat lunch or bring food- so I brought energy drinks and crackers to his work, which is probably not good for the whole ‘moving on’ thing. But I didn’t want to make it easy for him. I wanted to win him back. And finally, I did.

It wasn’t easy, but we decided to give it another try, which was for the best, because we are still together. I won’t go on, and continue because that’s too mushy and nobody really cares… But that one song, that album changed me, not only did I fall in love with Dylan, but I found out how much I loved my boyfriend, after he had left me, I realized my mistakes.

Needless to say, I’m a Dylan fan, and have pretty much everything he has ever done, live performances included. But I think that this performance of ‘Like a Rolling Stone’ is one of the best…so, enjoy.
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