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Ella Fitzgerald, “The First Lady of Song”

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Ella Fitzgerald, “The First Lady of Song”

Last night, I attended the Great Lives lecture on Ella Fitzgerald (1917-1996). Douglas Gately, who is part of the Music Department here at Mary Washington, presented the lecture. Many came out from the community and there were also several UMW students. I even saw Magan from our class….and from talking to her, she seemed to have loved it as much as I did. Gateley was very informative and his Powerpoint presentation really helped me gain some insight and details into the life of Fitzgerald (Who knew she was actually part of the Mafia?). I did some further research on my own and found that she was actually nicknamed “The First Lady of Song” and “Lady Ella.” Additionally, I found that she is from Newport News, Virginia. I find that very interesting since that city is actually right beside my hometown: Smithfield, Virginia.

I first discovered Ella Fitzgerald in Girl Scouts when I had to do a project for Black History Month. I found her music so relaxing and easygoing…especially that “A-Tisket, A-Tasket” song (her first number one song). Since my encounter with her music a few years ago, I have really opened to the swing and jazz genres. I would truly just love to sit on my back porch on a gorgeous spring day and listen to the voice and song of Fitzgerald. As I stated earlier, her music is incredibly relaxing.

I think this quote really relates to what we have been discussing in class lately…..

“Coming through the years, and finding that I not only have just the fans of my day, but the young ones of today — that’s what it means, it means it was worth all of it.” –Ella Fitzgerald

……seemed like she really had a mission.
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