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The Beatles….wait who?

February 12th, 2008 by gardnercampbell · 1 Comment

I have to admit that i am definitely at a loss when it comes to talking about classic rock especially Elvis, the Beatles, and the Rolling Stones, b/c when i was growing up my parents never listened to any of those musicians. I grew up listening to contemporary music, such as U2, the Cranberries, Dave Matthews Band, and Bruce Springsteen. So it is definitely intimidating when people in class being to talk more in-depth about the Beatles. Of course i have heard Beatles songs before this class although, sadly enough, my first experience listening to their songs was last year when i went to the Killers concert. One of the opening bands was from Japan and they exclusively played Beatles songs and they were really really good! Surprisingly so b/c for some odd reason i though that i would never like their music b/c i believed that i would never be able to relate to it. Before then i had the odd notion in my head that older, classic music could never be as good as the music that i had grown up listening too, and now i am like “what the hell was i thinking?” After that concert i didnt go all Beatles crazy but i definitely tore through my parents cd collection and downloaded everything! And now this class is prompting me to delve even farther back than my parents music. Recently i downloaded the soundtrack to Across the Universe, which is the only Beatles music that can be downloaded on iTunes, and i really love it ) Sadly though i have yet to see the movie but i really want to (i think my sister might have just bought it, so when i go home i will watch it).

On the same note i absolutely love covers of songs. Love, love, love them. Covers of songs can reveal so much about the artist and the song itself. Depending on how the artist performs the song it could have completely different meanings. I absolutely love seeing how musicians take one song and completely make it their own. Especially the song “Let It Be” on the Across the Universe soundtrack. They completely changed the song into a primarily gospel and soul derived song, with the whole church chorus thing going on, where as it was originally a rock ballad. Another song on the soundtrack, “Come Together,” has a country flair. One interesting discovery that i recently made was a cover of the Britney Spear’s song “Toxic” by the Israeli singer Yael Naim, which i thought was really cool.
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