Rock/Soul/Prog, Spring 2008

Podcast Interview with Mackenzie

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Meagan: So, what was your earliest memory of music?

Mackenzie: Doing the hokie pokie in daycare when I was about 3.

Meg: Did you have a favorite song when you were growing up?

Mac: Just about any of the WeeSing songs.

Meg: Why

Mac: I think I liked them because they kept playing the songs at daycare. I can probably still sing some of the songs.

Meg: So what kind of role does music play in your parents’ lives?

Mac: Music  plays a large part in my mom’s life. She used to write for a paper called The Music Paper, where she would meet bands backstage. She actually told me she met Van Halen and one of them almost kicked her in the head! It’s fun to go downstairs and look at all her old ticket stubs and backstage passes. My dad was also involved in music, simply because he was in his marching. He used to play the trumpet. They are both still adamant about me listening to the great bands of their time!

Meg: What was the first song or album that you purchased with your own money?

Mac: The first CD I ever bought was Backstreet Boys’ Millennium. I was so happy that I bought something.

Meg: Ok, so what was the first concert you ever went to?

Mac: My first concert was the Backstreet Boys’ Black and Blue World Tour. I went with my friend for our 12th  birthday. It was full of prepubescent girls screaming for the Backstreet Boys.

Meg: Who are some of your favorite bands and solo artists now?

Mac: I like Holiday Parade, New Atlantic, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Boys Like Girls, Michael Buble, Panic! At the Disco, Liam & Me, Twisted Sister, and Van Halen right now. I really like them all for different reasons. I tend to lean towards the alternative genre, so I guess that’s why. They remind me of the GLAM bands of the 1980s.

Meg: Do you play any musical instruments?

Mac: I used to play the flute, and I still do every once in a while. I like to think that I can sing, but it depends on my mood and who I’m with.

Meg: Have you ever been in a band?

Mac: In elementary school, yes. In high school I did colorguard with the marching band. With an indie band, though, no, never.

Meg: So how does it feel to take a college course in rock, soul, and  progressive music?

Mac: It’s pretty interesting. My parents’ reaction was mostly wondering why they had to pay for a class they could easily teach me.

Meg: What do you hope to learn as a result?

Mac: I want to learn more about the music that  we go over.

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